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Jonathan Guy’s TTC posters

One of Jonathan Guy's TTC posters

TTC Northbound

It’s always interesting to see examples of how people are using the Toronto Subway fonts.

On December 16, BlogTO posted an article on Toronto designer Jonathan Guy’s TTC posters. You can read the full BlogTO post here. Two of the posters use the Toronto Subway font, plus directional arrows, in a handsome white and black treatment that echoes the subway’s old wayfinding signage — one poster is for the Yonge line stations from Union to Bloor, the other is for the stations from Rosedale to Lawrence, including a nice extra “Exit and Buses” treatment. The third poster is a collage of actual TTC station signage.

If you’re interested in owning one of these posters, visit Jonathan’s online store.

Raymond Beisinger illustrates for The Positive Side

Raymond Beisinger illustration for "Behind the Walls."

Behind the Walls

One of the joys about designing a magazine (and  not everything about magazine design is joyful) is that you get to try out new ideas and use new photographers and illustrators on a regular basis. The Winter 2011 issue of The Positive Side gave me the bonus opportunity to work with two new-to-the-magazine illustrators, John Webster and Raymond Beisinger.

I’m always on the watch for potential new illustrators. (Yes, Canadian illustrators with a strong conceptual basis, please contact me.) But I can’t quite remember when Raymond’s illustrations first caught me eye, whether it was in the pages of The Walrus or of Quill & Quire. Anyway, his highly graphic style and excellent conceptual abilities had me quickly searching for him on the web, bookmarking his website and adding him to my mental “Find projects for these illustrators” list.

When I got the first draft of “Behind the Walls” I knew I wanted Raymond. I first approached him about illustrating the article back in the spring of 2010. Unfortunately he was too busy, but he let me know that he found The Positive Side and the article interesting and that I should keep him in mind for future projects. As it turned out, the article didn’t make it into the summer issue and was postponed until the fall. When I knew for certain the article was back in the mag, I followed up with Raymond and he agreed to take it on.

I think the article really played to Raymond’s strengths as an illustrator: it was on a topical subject (HIV and hepatitis C in Canadian prisons) and it dealt with a number of complex, inter-related issues. The full-page illustration to lead the article, shown above, met all of my expections. The spot illo he also provided was an extra bonus.

To see more of Raymond’s work, check out his website.

John Webster illustrates for The Positive Side

John Webster illustration for "Million-dollar Smile" in the Winter 2011 issue of The Positive Side magazine.

Million-dollar Smile

When it comes to collage, it sometimes seems there are two kinds of illustrators: those who are John Webster and those who aren’t. Once you have experienced John’s collage illustrations, the work of many other collage artists just seems like mere cutting and pasting.

I was forcefully reminded of this last year, when John did a series of illustrations for the 2009-2010 season of Théâtre français de Toronto. His illustrations were so full of energy and colour and, well, fullness, that, despite my modernist minimalist tendencies, I immediately thought, “I have to get him to illustrate something for me!”

My chance came with the Winter 2011 issue of The Positive Side, the free magazine for people with HIV/AIDS published by CATIE, which I design. (Info on how you can get a free subscription is on The Positive Side website.) Ron Rosene’s “Million-dollar Smile” was an article that I just knew John would be able to help me with.

To see more of John’s work, visit his blog, The John Webster Book, or see his portfolio online at the website of his representatives, i2iart.

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