Talking about creating the Xtra logo

On February 9, 2011, I spoke with John Martins-Manteiga, as part of Dominion Modern’s oral history project. Dominion Modern is “Canada’s foremost archive of 20th Century Canadian architecture and design” and works to increase awareness of Modernist design in Canada.

I spoke with John for about 3 hours about my career as a graphic designer, and specifically about Toronto Subway, my revival of the iconic Toronto subway lettering.

Part of that discussion included my reminiscing about my creation of the now-retired logo for Xtra magazine.

Xtra logo, circa 1985

Original logo for Xtra magazine

John has now posted that particular bit of our talk on Vimeo, as a teaser for the display about Toronto Subway that will go up early this spring at the George Brown College School of Design in Toronto.

Still to be posted: me yakking about how I reconstructed the Toronto Subway typeface. Stay tuned!

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