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Toronto Subway web fonts and OpenType fonts released

Screen capture of sample of Toronto Subway Regular web font.

Toronto Subway Regular web font as viewed in Safari.

Web fonts for Toronto Subway are now available in the Quadrat font store.

The Quadrat web font licence allows purchasers to use the web fonts on any and all websites they own or maintain. The web font packages include instructions for installing the web fonts and sample settings using the web fonts.

As well, the Toronto Subway desktop fonts have been updated to OpenType, a format which allows the same font file to be used on Macintosh, Windows or Linux.

The web fonts and the OpenType fonts are free updates for all current licensees of Toronto Subway. If you have purchased a licence for Toronto Subway, email me with your name, the email address used when you purchased your licence, the date of your purchase and your invoice reference number. Please also let me know whether you are interested in the web fonts, the OpenType fonts or both. Please allow one or two business days for your request to be processed and the fonts to be sent to you via email.

These updates are open to everyone who has purchased a licence for Toronto Subway, either through the Quadrat font store or through