What transit app says “Toronto” the most?


Toronto Subway helps TTC Bus Map look sharp.

There are lots of Toronto transit iPhone apps out there. Having one on your iPhone is a must for any transit user in the city, helping you figure out just how much longer you have to wait in -16°C cold for the next Queen streetcar to arrive.

But only one transit app really feels like Toronto. Last month Merch Visoiu updated his TTC Bus Map  to use Toronto Subway. The app uses the font to display names in route lists, and in the heading on its maps and arrival times lists. While TTC Bus Map won’t make the Steeles bus arrive any faster, it will make it feel like it really is the Steeles bus that you’re waiting for.

At 99¢ the ad-free app is a bargain and a nice way to feel more at home with your iPhone. Check it out on the iTunes Store.

Sample TTC Bus Map route display.

A TTC Bus Map route display headed using Toronto Subway.

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