New Toronto Subway fonts released and 50% off

Sample showing of the new Toronto Subway fonts.

Toronto Subway now includes Light, Regular, Bold and Black weights.

I’m very pleased to announce that new and updated Toronto Subway fonts are now available. Only a year behind schedule, but I hope worth it for those who may have been waiting.

Most important is the addition of two new weights to the Toronto Subway family: Light and Black. These will expand the versatility of the typeface, allowing it to be elegant or assertive, as your needs require.

As well as the two new weights, Toronto Subway Regular and Bold have been extensively revised. The character outlines have been improved so the corners look sharp even at gigantic sizes.

The character set has been increased, now with coverage for more European languages. More f ligatures are available, as well as new Fi and Ti ligatures. You can now create custom fractions and ordinal numbers. There are currency marks for the new Turkish lira and Russian ruble symbols. Kerning has been overhauled and expanded. Toronto Subway Light has alternate versions of P and R, depending on how art deco you want your type to look.

Sample showing of Toronto Subway icons.

New Toronto Subway icons.

And, bonus, all the fonts now contain icons from the TTC: buses, streetcars, subway, arrows and more.

The Toronto Subway Regular and Bold fonts are a free upgrade for current licensees. If you agreed to join my mailing list you’ll soon receive details on upgrading in your email box.

The new fonts are available as both OpenType desktop fonts for print work, or as web fonts for use on your websites.

To celebrate their release, until the end of 2014 the new fonts and font sets will be available for 50% off.

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