Toronto Subway now kickin’ it oldstyle

Sample of various oldstyle figures in the Toronto Subway fonts.

Toronto Subway oldstyle figures

All four Toronto Subway desktop fonts now include optional oldstyle figures. The addition of oldstyle figures came from a request I received from the Swedish Comics Association for the redesign of their magazine, Bild & Bubbla.

Cover of Bild & Bubbla magazine, issue 202, using Toronto Subway

Bild & Bubbla magazine redesigned with Toronto Subway

What are oldstyle figures? The default numerals in Toronto Subway are the same height as the capitals. They’re called proportional lining figures. This makes them stand out from text if it’s set in both uppercase and lowercase. Oldstyle figures are like lowercase letters: they use the x-height of the lowercase and have ascenders and descenders as appropriate. They fit better with text in mixed-case settings and give you more flexibility in the appearance of your text.

As well as oldstyle figures, the fonts also include oldstyle currency symbols, number (pound) symbol, percent and perthousand symbols and hyphens and dashes.

The regular figures and symbols are still in the fonts and are still used by default. But if you are using software that supports OpenType features, such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress or the latest versions of Microsoft Word, you can use the software settings to use oldstyle figures instead of the default lining figures.

Please note, the oldstyle figures are available only in the desktop fonts.

If you’ve licensed any Toronto Subway desktop fonts the new versions of your fonts are a free update. To get the updated fonts just email me and I’ll send them to you.

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