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Toronto Subway now kickin’ it oldstyle

Sample of various oldstyle figures in the Toronto Subway fonts.

Toronto Subway oldstyle figures

All four Toronto Subway desktop fonts now include optional oldstyle figures. The addition of oldstyle figures came from a request I received from the Swedish Comics Association for the redesign of their magazine, Bild & Bubbla. » There’s more! Continue reading “Toronto Subway now kickin’ it oldstyle”

Ye olde Newfoundland makes the cover of The Walrus magazine

Cover of The Walrus magazine for May 2011.

Nothin’ new here

I’ve let my subscription expire, but the May 2011 issue of The Walrus magazine still landed in my mailbox this morning.

The cover draw proclaims: “The New Newfoundland,” right on top of a photo of… a mummer. A very nice photo of a mummer, but still…

What’s the message, here? Meet the new Newfoundland, same as the old Newfoundland.

Talking about creating the Xtra logo

On February 9, 2011, I spoke with John Martins-Manteiga, as part of Dominion Modern’s oral history project. Dominion Modern is “Canada’s foremost archive of 20th Century Canadian architecture and design” and works to increase awareness of Modernist design in Canada.

I spoke with John for about 3 hours about my career as a graphic designer, and specifically about Toronto Subway, my revival of the iconic Toronto subway lettering.

Part of that discussion included my reminiscing about my creation of the now-retired logo for Xtra magazine.

Xtra logo, circa 1985

Original logo for Xtra magazine

John has now posted that particular bit of our talk on Vimeo, as a teaser for the display about Toronto Subway that will go up early this spring at the George Brown College School of Design in Toronto.

Still to be posted: me yakking about how I reconstructed the Toronto Subway typeface. Stay tuned!